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Transit Center District Plan

Tall Buildings, Wide Sidewalks, New Rail Station
Transit Center District Plan overview
Transbay Transit Center

Greg served as the transportation lead for the Transit Center District Plan, a major effort that is reshaping 24 South of Market blocks around the new Transbay Transit Center into San Francisco's new center of gravity.  The plan's major upzoning enables the tallest towers and requires the lowest parking supplies in the city, capitalizing on the new rail station to deliver the epitome of transit-oriented development.  The plan includes the reconstruction of all six miles of streets and alleys within the district to widen sidewalks, calm traffic, and enhance transit and bike access.  

Greg was responsible for the project's exhaustive Transportation Impact Study.  This report, the largest in City history, comprehensively analyzed 80 downtown intersections and 12 transit routes, as well as pedestrian, bicycle, parking, loading, and emergency vehicle operations.  Although Greg's analysis disclosed that the project's substantial growth in trips and reduction in auto capacity would lead to an decrease in auto travel speeds, the vision was so compelling that the traffic implications were never challenged, and the project was unanimously approved and not appealed.  This expedient adoption enabled the construction of new towers and creation of new jobs that has supported the Bay Area's economic recovery and prosperity.  

Following adoption, Greg advanced the conceptual streetscape designs forward, including schematic design, stakeholder outreach, legislation and implementation.  Greg coordinated the redesigned streetscapes between private developers and City-sponsored projects in order to minimize construction costs borne by the City while delivering a superior public realm as quickly as possible.  The first street in the plan area to be reconstructed is Folsom Street.

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