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Across communities of all sizes and contexts, stakeholders are taking ownership of their streets and resisting traffic.

Network Visioning

Are stakeholders ready to think big about the transport network? Such as restriping for carpool lanes, subway lines, and freeway-to-boulevard conversions. Let's create traction for bold ideas.

New subway and station

Corridor Transformation

Are stakeholders inspired to redesign a street into a place for people? Has a traffic engineer called an idea "infeasible" or a planner said it would cause a "significant impact"? Stakeholders can respond by showcasing successful projects – where dire traffic consequences predicted by some never appeared.

Place for people

Congestion and Vehicle Miles Traveled

Is a neighborhood being overrun by traffic-generating developments? Do neighbors want to position their community in front of development forces, channeling them to build better places? Let's advocate for sustainable growth by reducing traffic.

Winter traffic
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