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Transportation and land use agencies are now expected to operate with constrained resources, design increasingly complex projects and plans, and win approval in a controversial environment.

Smart Traffic Signals

Are transit vehicles excessively delayed by red lights? Are traffic signals friendly to pedestrians and cyclists? Is the signal software programmed to maximize safety? How will connected traffic signals integrate with an existing network? High tech traffic signals can deliver improved safety and performance, but they require more resources and maintenance than simpler signals. 

Transit Signal Priority

Value Engineering and Innovation

Are new capital projects too complex or too expensive? Do they take decades to deliver, bogged down in design issues, stakeholder resistance or funding constraints? Let's think outside the box, and discover creative engineering and design solutions to complex problems.

Bus ramps

Vehicle Miles Traveled

How will a department analyze and regulate Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) consistent with new regional mandates? How will parking supply, transit incentives, and other Travel Demand Management (TDM) strategies be measured and quantified? How should broad guidance be tailored to the local context? There are nuanced issues facing a jurisdiction, with unintended consequences to consider.


Streetscape Opportunities

Does a transportation agency successfully exploit development opportunities to enhance the public realm? Is the streetscape improvement process clear and straightforward, encouraging developers to participate? Let's leverage private development projects to construct great streetscape improvements.

Pedestrian improvements

Corridor Transformation

Does an agency have a culture of pushing the envelope in delivering transformative streetscape projects? How far can traffic and parking capacity be reduced to create places for people? How do we get stakeholders excited about a project and overcome doubters?

Pedestrian place
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