Whether a land use project is a single site, a large redevelopment area, or a unique institution, the entitlement process should include 

maximizing investment in the public realm.

Congestion and Parking Management

Are stakeholders concerned that a project will cause gridlock or parking overflow?  Is a project required to fund expensive roadway and intersection widening projects, or construct excessive parking structures?  Let's instead use innovative traffic engineering and parking management solutions that maximize roadway efficiency, optimize parking supply, mitigate environmental impacts and reduce costs.

Vehicle Miles Traveled

Is a project subject to a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) analysis? Do stakeholders understand the methodology and how Travel Demand Management (TDM) strategies affect performance? One great way to reduce traffic is to reduce parking supply.

Streetscape Opportunities

Will pedestrians be drawn to linger at the sidewalk? Will drivers notice a new building, or speed by? Let's leverage development opportunities to maximize a site's exposure on the public realm, and turn a project into a multimodal destination.

Loading and Driveway

Does a project have unique passenger or freight loading needs? How will a new driveway operate safely and efficiently without compromising the pedestrian realm? Driverways warrant special attention.