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Lake Tahoe Thresholds

Reducing Traffic to Keep Tahoe Blue
Tahoe Area Regional Transit
Route 50 Congestion
League to Save Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe Bike Path

Traffic-related environmental pollution that degrades air and water quality is a chief concern at Lake Tahoe.  Chronic traffic congestion during the summer and winter seasons is worsening due to a growing economy and abundant snowfall.  Meanwhile, major new development and transportation initiatives are now being pursued.  These projects could either be transit-oriented, and help fulfill the region's aspiration for walkable vibrant towns in a pristine environment; or they could be auto-oriented, exacerbating a vicious cycle of pollution and congestion.  

Lake Tahoe's environmental protections are manifested by thresholds for performance, including a cap on Vehicle Miles Traveled within the basin.  Greg has been retained by the League to Save Lake Tahoe to strengthen and expand this threshold, so that transit-oriented projects can be entitled while restrictions on traffic growth are enforced.  Concurrently, Greg is reviewing major land use and transportation projects within and near the Lake Tahoe Basin, and developing policies and strategies that will promote sustainable transportation and drive economic growth.  Concepts under development include innovative traffic, parking, and multimodal solutions.  Approaches that expand, integrate and prioritize transit are proving essential, such as the Tahoe Convoy.

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