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Railyard Boulevard

Removing I-280 and Undergrounding Caltrain to Reconnect Mission Bay
Railyard Boulevard Urban Design Plan
Railyard Boulevard Rail Plan
Railyard Boulevard Traffic Plan
Existing I-280 Elevated Freeway
Underneath the Existing I-280 Elevated Freeway
Railyard Boulevard Section

While serving as the Planning Department's liaison to the California High Speed Rail Authority, Greg devised the Railyard Boulevard concept to enhance transit connectivity, create livable communities, and remove barriers between neighborhoods.  Greg gave a public presentation of the concept with the Mayor's Office to a full house at SPUR, a local think tank.  The public enthusiasm convinced the Mayor of the enormous value and opportunity the project embodies, and $1.8m in funding was secured for conceptual design and transportation technical analyses.  A civil engineering consultant team has been retained, and the Planning Department is leading the project forward with a feasibility analysis underway.

Railyard Boulevard Aerial

This simulation shows how vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic would flow along and across the Railyard Boulevard.  This model was coded using the Vissim software platform to analyze the traffic operations of the boulevard.  The model demonstrates taht boulevard would not result in a traffic bottleneck on I-280; peak period vehicle queues would simply be shifted southward on I-280 but would not grow in intensity or duration, adding about 45 seconds to auto travel times.

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