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Light Rail, Bike Paths and Multimodal Intersections
Parkmerced Vision

Parkmerced is the largest private apartment complex in San Francisco, built following WWII as an auto-oriented "suburb within the city".  A new developer purchased the complex and sought a dramatic transit-oriented redevelopment and densification, including a new light rail alignment within the property.  Greg worked with the sponsor, city and state transportation agencies to evaluate different rail alignments, especially regarding flexibility for future extensions.  Greg served as the transportation planner for the project and successfully guided it through an uncontroversial transportation environmental review, which was notable due the project's size and adjacency to congested state highways.  

Greg redesigned several intersections to enhance bike and ped connectivity within the site.  At Brotherhood Way and Park Merced Boulevard, Greg reoriented the intersection in order to shrink its footprint and provide for all crosswalks.  At the interchange of Brotherhood Way and State Route 1, enhancing a proposed freeway ramp consolidation, Greg created a bike path connecting into the nearby BART station.  Greg worked with the developer to also design a connecting bike path within the project along Font Boulevard, resulting in a network of protected bikeways that will benefit the project and surrounding communities.

  • 2013 American Institute of Architects Honor Award - Parkmerced Vision Plan 

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