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Fisherman's Wharf

For Peds and Bikes: Two-way Conversion and Remove All Parking
Jefferson Street looking west.  SFPW
Jefferson Street from above.  SFPW
Jefferson Street looking east.  Streetsblog
Jefferson Street looking west.  Streetsblog

Greg served as transportation planner for the Fisherman's Wharf Public Realm Plan, a revitalization effort focused on the pedestrian-oriented redesign of Jefferson Street. Components included conversion from one-way to two-way operation, major sidewalk widening and new corner plazas, complete on-street parking removal, rerouting of through-traffic onto parallel streets, aesthetic paving materials, and traffic calming features.  The parking removal and reduction in traffic capacity caused consternation among some stakeholders, requiring a prolonged outreach process.

Greg led the design team through the transportation components, including traffic signal phasing, through- and local-traffic rerouting, commercial loading and truck turn analyses, bicycle circulation, historic streetcar accommodations, and tour bus operations. Despite vociferous opposition from some auto-oriented merchants, Greg delivered this project without consultant support in time to meet the construction deadline before the 2013 America's Cup.  Contrary to the dire predictions of the opposing merchants, the project has resulted in a surge of foot traffic, retail sales and tax revenue.  Due to its resounding success, the second eastern phase of the project is being implemented.

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