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2001 Market

Sidewalk as Destination & Driveway Queue Abatement
Folsom Layout
Folsom Seating
Folsom Seating

Greg served as transportation planner for a mixed use project at a prominent intersections featuring a popular market.   One group of stakeholders believed that the market's parking supply should be reduced, encouraging shoppers to use sustainable modes.  But another group was concerned that the market's parking lot would overflow, with vehicle queues spilling back onto the sidewalk and roadway, similar to other popular markets citywide.  So Greg drafted a queue abatement strategy as a condition of project approval, with the City and the property owner jointly monitoring conditions and taking necessary actions to prevent queues.  This enabled the project to move forward with a reduced parking supply.

Greg also saw an opportunity for the project to reduce the number of travel lanes along Dolores Street from four two, creating large sidewalk corner plazas.  The developer was excited by the placemaking potential, but there was anxiety from some community members that the road diet would cause gridlock.  Beyond the routine traffic analysis, Greg coded a 3D simulation model enabling stakeholders to see the result of the road diet, which secured the support of the local supervisor and enabled its approval.  

The project was constructed in 2013.  This queue abatement measure has succeeded, which is now a standard conditional of approval for all parking facilities citywide.  Greg's traffic simulation has proven correct; the road diet has not caused congestion.  The corner plazas are now a celebrated pedestrian oasis.

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