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181 Fremont

Big Tower with Small Frontage
181 Fremont Ground Floor
Transbay Midblock Crosswalk Signal Design
Transbay Midblock Signal Phasing
181 Fremont Tower

In addition to Salesforce Tower, Greg served as transportation planner for the nearby 181 Fremont tower.  While not quite as tall or large as the pinnacle tower, the transportation challengers were more pronounced due to the small amount of frontage and location immediately upstream of the complex Transit Center midblock traffic signal.  Greg wrote a comprehensive driveway and loading operations plan to enable trucks to access the constrained building without compromising pedestrian safety or creating a traffic bottleneck.  Greg also worked with the sponsor to implement sidewalk widening along and beyond the project's frontage, creating two prominent new corner plazas that will calm traffic in a pedestrian-heavy environment.

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